One of my earliest memories is going to the ‘pictures’ to see Bambi with my mum and my sister. Maybe I was 5, give or take a year. Probably the first film I ever saw.

Spoiler alert !!!

Bambi’s mum gets killed – dun dun dun.

This sticks in my memory because my mum commented at some point about how she was worried about me as I was the only person old or small in the cinema who didn’t cry at this point in the film. Hmmm maybe that’s why she gave me a doll for Christmas to bring out my emotive side and to make sure I didn’t turn into some kind of sociopath. I guess it worked as I haven’t kidnapped anybody for a long time.

Anyhow when Bambi called at Chester House – Brian the Builder caught it on camera and that makes me feel pretty good. I love wildlife and cant wait to spend more time at the place when we can stay there. Red kites, black grouse, hares, buzzards and owls have all been spotted around and about. It all helps balance the inevitable struggles of organising a major building project.

Let me know what wildlife you’ve seen lately that really warmed your cockles and made you smile.

More snow and -8 degrees but still you gotta love it:






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