Concrete Day !

Spike and George have worked amazingly hard to keep us on track so that we will be ready for the underfloor heating installation and I know they felt the pressure. They have dug out the existing concrete floors to a depth of 400mm working until 9pm every night for 2 weeks and were camping inside the bedroom for most of this time until we put them up in a B&B.

Spike hard at work!

This work was all gearing up to put the subfloor in requiring hardcore and topped off with sand and a DPC membrane. There was a lot of concern around if we could get a cement mixing lorry to the property and how close it could get. Could it get up the hill and if the weather was bad etc. Logistically, as well, we had to juggle ordering of the cement and making sure we were definitely ready when it arrived. You don’t want much time in between or you have workmen sitting around not able to do anything. So at least two calls a day to understand the progress were required. Finally though we had the all clear to book the cement mixer.

Damp Proof Course Membrane Ready for Concrete!

So we managed to get the smallest cement mixing lorry with a capacity of 4 cubic meters of concrete and they were confident they could get down the track.

Cement Mixer Offloading Into Mini Dumper

This was as close as the mixer could get as the drive is really steep at this point and then goes around a tight corner. So it was loaded into the mini dumper which then took it to a holding bay just outside the house. This is so we could offload the mixer completely and it could get on its way.


From here it was wheel-barrrowed into the house. 100mm was laid throughout the ground floor. It took 3 guys 2 long hard days and the last 1.25 cubic meters was mixed by hand as a third delivery would have been too much.


And finally concrete day was over and we are ready for the next stage. Many thanks to everyone involved who did a great professional job.


2 thoughts on “Concrete Day !

  1. So much backbreaking work, I don’t envy the folks pushing wheelbarrows full of concrete – sheesh! Making good progress though.

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