Its at this point of a project where you have to try and stay calm. The point at which you realise digging out 400mm deep is a lot worse than it sounds. My jack hammer exploits taking out 100mm of concrete were just the start.

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This is the point at which builders ask if you regret buying a place as its so remote they cant get a cement mixer to the property.

Im also informed that we will need 20 tons of hardcore and 2 tons of sand for the first layer of the subfloor. Sounds like an awful lot and I was very anxious to understand the price per ton but it wasn’t too bad. Thankfully there is a supplier 5 mins away who will deliver it in 2 ton loads in a pickup truck. Now I can worry about how much concrete we need to pour and how much that is – I think they only tell me one bit at a time so I don’t get overwhelmed!

Anyway the roof windows have gone in which is a consolation as its putting something in rather than taking out.

In response to the builder who is staying in the property – yes really – in a tent pitched in a room they haven’t dug up yet with a small fan heater – no regrets.

So why have we bludgeoned this poor house?. I have these fanciful ideas that if we have paid our mortgage off and we have this sustainable heating and energy system and we grow all our own food and we are surrounded by beautiful countryside then what else do you need.



1 thought on “Hardcore

  1. A daunting task indeed. Many times I bet you will question why. Many times you will be rewarded. Keep the faith.

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