Would you eat this Mushroom ?


I’ve been getting quite interested in mushrooms recently as like many foods supplied to us by the food industry, what we get are varieties that ship well and have a good shelf life but there is little consideration for taste. There are also some intriguing properties of mushrooms and some varieties are gaining more and more interest from a medical point of view. I was very intrigued to find out that a lot of them have a symbiotic relationship with trees. They really are very interesting and all cannot be covered in a short post so look out for the ‘Mushroom’ page if your interested.

Anyway, when I saw that we had mushrooms growing on the lawn my first thought was – can I eat them?. I tried to identify them – I think they are one of the Russula’s  some of which are edible. However I bottled it as I don’t know what I’m doing!

I did not eat them – would you ?  If you now something about mushroom identification what do you think?

3 thoughts on “Would you eat this Mushroom ?

  1. I don’t know anything about identifying mushrooms either. However, I often see them and wonder is that ok to eat, but then don’t try because I’m too cautious. We grew Shataki many years ago, the plugs were given to us, it is something I would love to do again. Hello from USA – kim


    1. Its surprising how many different varieties there are that just grow wild and are edible and according to what I’ve read there are a lot of unique flavours. Also if they are growing on my patch I know they are likely to come back again so I am going to take the time to identify it – by an expert! and Hello from the UK great to see we’ve reached the US.

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  2. Unless you are okay with the idea of possibly meeting up with your Maker, I wouldn’t eat them. I don’t think Alice in Wonderland would eat them, either.


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