The Mouse and The Shrew

The east wind blew as cold as ice

The little brown shrew didn’t think this was nice


The mouse did shiver, surely he’d freeze

“This way” he said before he sneezed


Up Scutterhill Bank they did scurry

What they wouldn’t do for a red hot curry!


To Chester House upon the hill

Through the hole and under the sill


Up the stairs avoiding the cat

Into the loft and grandmas old hat


They huddled together, to keep themselves warm

But alas, alas t’was their last dorm


A poem inspired by the mummified bodies of a mouse and a shrew found in the loft at Chester House. Sounds quite cute but it was not pleasant clearing these little buggers out. The Rockwool insulation stank of ammonia and there were plenty of droppings. Brian and Nathan were suited up like they were from the CDC (Centre for Disease Control) with disposable suits. Will add a picture of said critters when I can.



1 thought on “The Mouse and The Shrew

  1. Loving the poem Mr Vernon ❤️❤️


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