The Rip Out

The cottage is about 150 years old we believe and was originally two small properties probably built for miners. There was tin mining in the local area. However we do know that what is now the kitchen was a cattle shed at one point with the owners living upstairs.

It is stone built and there is some damp and some condensation and although I have mentioned that we are renovating, it was habitable and not derelict, although it was a little tired. Having said that, because we are putting in the underfloor heating from a ground source heat pump, we have to dig up all the concrete floors downstairs and lift all the floor boards upstairs and take the ceiling between the joists down downstairs. The underfloor heating means we need to remove the old oil burner and the rads.

We have also decided to open up the first floor to the roof and have velux style windows in the roof – this is exposing some nice oak trusses and joists also and will make the whole place feel more spacious. This means we then have to extend the existing walls upstairs to the roof. However some of these walls are like meandering rivers and no one fancies trying to add two feet to the top of these and making a neat job. Also most of these walls are not aligned to a joist so floorboards run underneath, so to make a neat job of the floor and the walls guess what – yep they gotta come out too. Upstairs we could leave one stud wall a couple of metres long if we’re careful. Its just not worth it.


So in preparation for the underfloor heating pipes – we now have no floors anywhere – just mud & hardcore or open joists, no ceilings, no heating and after the pipe burst no running water. Effectively a shell. It may have been cheaper to purchase a complete wreck in the first place.

Heres me in action with the jack hammer !

And Karen getting stuck in!

9 thoughts on “The Rip Out

  1. jakeyyyyyy weech January 21, 2018 — 9:07 pm

    beautiful cottage hope i get to stay there when its done 😉


    1. You know you will my darling!! Xx


      1. Yeah he hasn’t mentioned that he means with all his mates and without parents… haha x


      2. Oh yeah! I think you might be right😂🤣


  2. Excited by this blog guys! Means we can keep in touch as we miss our doorstep natters. It is super exciting. And you two are super crazy. But you’re our crazies xx


  3. Yes we don’t do anything by halves and there is more madness to come I think Lisa.
    Mark x


  4. I admire the hard work. We too are in the middle of a whole house renovation and addition – going on 2 plus years now, the end is not in sight. I look forward to reading about your journey. – kim


    1. Thanks Kim lets hope we can keep going we’ve set a tough 3 month goal to get the majority of it done.

      Liked by 1 person

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