Weather Warning

Right now we have a team of tradesmen scheduled to work on renovating Chester House and a ground source heating company scheduled to install the underfloor heating pipework in a weeks time. But snow has stopped play!.

The past week has been a write off as the builder, the labourer and the plumber have all attempted to get out to the property, which is a canny drive. Two had to turn back as we have a 20% incline just before you hit the track to the house and snow and ice have made it impossible to get a vehicle up there. The plumber made it by leaving the van down at the village and hiked up in the snow – Go Aaron!.

Another builder Spike is critical to prepping the house for the upcoming underfloor heating system. Hes planning to take a caravan up there – no chance today. I’ve just seen the weather forecast and there’s more snow coming.

Im wondering if a tractor could pull stuff up there. Anyway the schedule is under pressure but the snow sure is pretty!



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